Saturday, November 12, 2011

Elect Randall Znamirowski, C.A. for School Trustee

We need solid financial and managerial expertise and leadership.
On November 26th, Vote for
Randall Znamirowski
 Vote for Experience, Education, Ethics and Enthusiasm.

Help me to help you save your money and invest wisely in

Our Children and Our Future.


  1. Randall you are right on the money on everything, finances priorities, issues etc. You are such a refreshing independent candidate that is long overdue to help fix the system, our money, our children and our future.

  2. Everyone please read all of the tabs, it is so packed with the right information yet so brief and to the point. Wow you sure can communicate the main issues and resolutions. We need you on the board.

  3. Your brochure and website contains all the issues and facts and done in a very cost effective and ecological manner unlike some other candidates who seem to have very big political party style glossy brochures with their pictures and seem to have backing from those supporters of those organizations based on personal endorsements and their previous background (some even ran recently or where asked to run). Guess they just want this job so they can be the next MLA or MP, haven't we had enough of that in our division (in very recent time, 2 MP's and a City Councillor). Randall thanks for running we hope the voters agree to elect you on Saturday.

  4. Randall we met yesterday while you were personally distributing your brochure. I was so impressed with your passion and knowledge.

    You need to put a link on this site about your superb performance in the all candidates forum held this week. You told me it was on the web under youtube redriver pete I found it and here it is:

    It is an hour and a half long but I suggest to simply watch your opening and closing comments although watching it all is informative especially your answers to the audience questions.

    Opening Comment 14:49
    Closing Comment 1:22:13

  5. I met you last night on the sidewalk while you were handing out brochures. You are very passionate and knowledgeable. Thanks for telling me about the youtube redriver pete website which covered the all candidates debate. I watched it and agree with you well done.

    Thought I would help you out here is the link.

    I encourage voters watch it and see the candidate who did his homework on the issues and the solutions.

  6. Thanks for the tip above even more impressed that I was before. Thanks for running.

  7. I am a long time political party supporter. After reading all candidates material I have to support you and not the party. You are the most fiscally conservative and the best social democrat. Since your both I guess that also makes you the most central and liberal. I hope others vote for the best person for the job not for the person who seeks the support of their favorite party after all our two party system in Manitoba is not working.

  8. What a coincidence. Received your brochure today, great job and I checked out the candidates and watched the forum. Very well done. Nice to see such good behavior and honest candidates. Not like the political BS we see and hear all the time with Provincial and Federal debates, far too much of that lately with all of the elections.

    What struck me though was the actual and potential conflict of interest with candidates who are or have have family members who are teachers how do you negotiate contracts for salaries (either for wage increases or decreases or incentives for retirement)?

    Also the budget and staff are huge and only Znamirowski (hope that is right) has the experience.

    Kudos to all for running and the nice forum. Very nice group. Nod goes to Randall.

  9. Znamirowski is the only choice. He is doing the election on a shoe sting budget all by himself distributing brochures the other candidates (the 2 supported by the political parties) using the vast resources of the political parties, huge volunteer army, huge financial resources with their glossy ads and radio ads spending way more money than the position pays have to wonder why, of course we know why, they want to get a 5-7 times pay jump plus have several staff resources and a budget to be the next MP or MLA.

    Znamirowski is all go the others are all show they have no issues or focus while Znamirowski clearly does.

  10. Thanks for being a man of your word and not putting up any ugly and wasteful election signs. You might remember me when I questioned you on this and you plainly stated you would not do it because it was a blight on our community, it is potentially dangerous and absolutely wasteful use of resources but it does get you name our there and remind voters to vote. Good for you Randall you got my vote.

  11. I agree with the above. Why the heck are the political parties getting involved in school trustee elections. I seems like they have election fever or re election junkies they should be running the province and the country not getting involved in this.

    If a political party trustee is elected they will always want to expand programs to be popular so they can get elected to a higher office next time and so taxes keep going up but kids are still dropping out and not learning.