On Nov. 26, Vote for
Randall Znamirowski
B. Comm. (Hons), C.A.

1. Winnipeg civic election trustee questionnaire response website:

2. Advance voting locations and dates:

3. Voting Locations:

 4. Voting Identification:

 5. Information and Procedures to Vote by Sealed Mail in Ballot:

6. Voter Eligibility:

7. City Elections Office Contact Information:

8. Guide for School Board Trustees:

9. Winnipeg School Division:

10. Current Winnipeg School Division Trustees:

11. Candidates Guide:


  1. You are simply amazing. You offer a wealth of information to the public unlike others who like to keep us in the dark. Go Randall Go.

  2. I agree with all of your answers.

  3. Thanks for all of the links it was informative, I should have looked sooner as I would have tried the mail ballot option. That must have been a first.