Managing Our Budgets

Are you concerned about your taxes?

Do you wonder why the School Tax portion (52%) of your Gross Property Tax Bill is more than the City portion (48%) when the City portion pays for so many more services?

Police, Fire, Ambulance, Transit, Public Works, Streets, Snow Clearing, Parks & Recreation, Libraries, Building & Health Inspections, Property Assessment, Planning & General Government cost less to operate than our schools.

Why do we have six school divisions when there is only one Municipality & one Regional Health Authority in Winnipeg?

It's time to Take Action.

On Nov. 26, Vote for
Randall Znamirowski
B. Comm. (Hons), C.A.


  1. Please find out the answer for us and correct this serious issue. You have our vote.

  2. You said it Znamirowski. I agree.

  3. I am with you on this lets get to the bottom of it and yes why do we have so many school divisions and school trustees? Brave stand.