About Randy

Hi, I am your Nassau Street neighbour. I have lived and paid taxes in the Winnipeg School Division for over 17 years.

I would be honoured to be your School Trustee. My goal is to bring caring, ethical, visionary leadership to a board that values modern, affordable education.

I offer a well rounded executive leadership background as a Chartered Accountant (Bachelor of Commerce Honours), Chief Financial Officer and Auditor.

My experience in project management, consulting, facilitation, analysis and presentation skills along with the creativity, business and political acumen developed over 27 years of Public Sector and Private Practice will serve you well.

My career has focused on building the capacity of organizations by improving the effectiveness, efficiency, economy, ethics and eco-friendly aspects of operations and making work easy, error free and entertaining (or as I refer to it, Randy’s Rule, the pursuit of excellence, the 9 E’s)

I want to utilize my skills, abilities and talents to work with the Board and the Administration to help guide the WSD in the pursuit of excellence.

Vote for Experience, Education, Ethics and Enthusiasm.

Help me to help you save your money and invest wisely in
Our Children and Our Future.

On Nov. 26, Vote for
Randall Znamirowski
B. Comm. (Hons), C.A.

Phone: 475-9994

E-mail: randyz1@mymts.net



  1. We need your expertise on the school board. We need people with your skill set. It is far too important a job for just electing your friends and neigbours they need to financial expertise. Thanks for running.

  2. Finally a non river heights candidate who has a grasp on all the issues and will help all of us no matter where we live in the ward, no mater what our background is. River Heights is a great area, I have friends and family there but it seems candidates from that area just want to move on to higher political office (MP, MLA and Council) for there 6 figure jobs with expense accounts, office budgets and assistants unlike this working class or less money for a school trustee. You have to wonder how the others pay for their fancy campaign signs and brochures and why they are doing it and likely spending more money than wast the position pays? Who is backing them and why? I am voting for Randall.

  3. You are the best candidate for all areas. Thanks for running, good luck. I voted for you today.

  4. You have the credentials but other candidates have funny videos check out Robot Ben jumping around a yard with a box over his head and flashing lights (I am not making this up).